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Enthiran 2.0 Movie Download - Tamil, Hindi, Telugu Versions

Download Enthiran 2.0: How to Watch the Epic Sci-Fi Movie Online

Enthiran 2.0, also known as 2.0, is a 2018 Indian Tamil-language science fiction film directed by S. Shankar and starring Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, and Amy Jackson. It is the sequel to the 2010 film Enthiran, which was a blockbuster hit and one of the most expensive Indian films ever made. Enthiran 2.0 is also a high-budget film with stunning visual effects, thrilling action sequences, and a powerful social message. If you are a fan of sci-fi movies, you should not miss this epic film.

But how can you watch Enthiran 2.0 online? Is it possible to download Enthiran 2.0 legally and safely? What are the risks of downloading Enthiran 2.0 illegally and unsafely? In this article, we will answer these questions and more.

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What is Enthiran 2.0?

Enthiran 2.0 is the second installment in the Enthiran film series, which revolves around the adventures of Dr. Vaseegaran, a brilliant scientist who creates a humanoid robot named Chitti, and Pakshi Rajan, a former ornithologist who seeks revenge on cell phone users for causing the decline of bird population.

The plot of Enthiran 2.0

The film begins with Dr. Vaseegaran introducing his new creation, Nila, a female humanoid robot who is also his assistant. He is summoned by the government when mobile phones start flying out of people's hands mysteriously in Chennai. He deduces that the phenomenon is caused by a negative force that can control electromagnetic waves, and suggests reactivating Chitti, who was dismantled in the previous film.

However, his proposal is opposed by Professor Dhinendra Bohra, the son of Dr. Bohra who was killed by Chitti in the previous film. Meanwhile, the negative force takes the form of a giant bird-like creature and attacks the city, killing many people and destroying many buildings. Dr. Vaseegaran manages to reactivate Chitti and sends him to fight the creature, but Chitti is overpowered and damaged.

Dr. Vaseegaran learns that the creature is Pakshi Rajan, who was once a respected ornithologist who loved birds more than anything else. He was devastated when he saw that the excessive use of cell phones and towers was killing birds and disrupting their communication signals. He pleaded with the government and telecom companies to stop their activities, but was ignored and ridiculed.

He then decided to end his life by hanging himself from a cell tower, but his soul was infused with the electromagnetic radiation from the tower, giving him the power to control electromagnetic waves and manipulate mobile phones.

Dr. Vaseegaran repairs Chitti and gives him an upgraded version with more features and abilities. He also creates many mini versions of Chitti called Kutti to assist The cast and crew of Enthiran 2.0

Enthiran 2.0 features a stellar cast of actors who have delivered remarkable performances in their roles. The film is led by Rajinikanth, who plays the dual roles of Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti, the robot. Rajinikanth is one of the most popular and influential actors in Indian cinema, who has a huge fan following across the world. He is known for his charismatic screen presence, unique style, and dialogue delivery.

Akshay Kumar plays the role of Pakshi Rajan, the antagonist of the film. Akshay Kumar is a Bollywood superstar who has starred in over 100 films in various genres. He is also one of the highest-paid actors in the world, according to Forbes. He has won several awards and honors for his acting skills and social work. He portrays Pakshi Rajan with intensity and emotion, making him a formidable foe for Chitti.

Amy Jackson plays the role of Nila, the female humanoid robot who assists Dr. Vaseegaran. Amy Jackson is a British actress and model who has appeared in several Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu films. She is also a former Miss Teen World and Miss Liverpool winner. She plays Nila with grace and charm, adding a touch of humor and romance to the film.

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The film also features other talented actors such as Sudhanshu Pandey, Adil Hussain, Kalabhavan Shajohn, Riyaz Khan, and Kaizaad Kotwal in supporting roles.

The film is directed by S. Shankar, who is one of the most acclaimed and successful directors in Indian cinema. He is known for his grandiose vision, innovative storytelling, and technical excellence. He has directed several blockbuster films such as Gentleman, Indian, Jeans, Mudhalvan, Nayak, Anniyan, Sivaji, Enthiran, I, and 2.0. He has won several awards and accolades for his work, including four National Film Awards.

The film is written by S. Shankar and B. Jeyamohan, who have collaborated on the story and dialogues of the film. B. Jeyamohan is a renowned Tamil writer and critic who has written several novels, short stories, essays, and screenplays. He has also won several awards and honors for his literary works.

The film is produced by Subaskaran Allirajah under the banner of Lyca Productions, which is one of the leading production houses in India. The film is co-produced by Raju Mahalingam and Aashish Singh.

The production and release of Enthiran 2.0

Enthiran 2.0 is one of the most expensive and ambitious films ever made in India. The film had a budget of about 570 crore (US$80 million), making it the second-most expensive film in Asia after China's Asura (2018). The film took about four years to complete, with extensive pre-production, filming, post-production, and marketing activities.

The film was shot in various locations across India such as Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Varanasi, and abroad such as Dubai, Bolivia, and the United States. The film used state-of-the-art technology and equipment such as 3D cameras, motion capture, animatronics, prosthetics, and drones. The film also involved a large crew of technicians, artists, and experts from various fields and countries.

The film's visual effects were done by several studios such as Industrial Light & Magic, Tau Films, Quantum FX, Digital Domain, Legacy Effects, Double Negative, Prime Focus, and Reliance MediaWorks. The film had about 2150 VFX shots, which took about 15 months to complete. The film's VFX supervisor was Srinivas Mohan, who had previously worked on Enthiran and Baahubali.

The film's music was composed by A. R. Rahman, who is one of the most celebrated and influential composers in the world. He has won several awards and honors for his music, including two Academy Awards, two Grammy Awards, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe Award, and four National Film Awards. He has also been conferred the Padma Shri and the Padma Vibhushan by the Government of India. The film's soundtrack consists of five songs and two instrumental tracks, which are sung in Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu languages. The film's lyrics were written by Madhan Karky, Abbas Tyrewala, and Ananta Sriram.

The film was released on 29 November 2018 in India and worldwide. The film was released in about 10,500 screens across 80 countries, making it the widest release for an Indian film. The film was also dubbed in 14 languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Urdu, Bhojpuri, Odia, Assamese, Sinhala, and Chinese. The film received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, who praised the film's visual effects, action sequences, performances, direction, music, and message. The film also broke several box office records and became one of the highest-grossing Indian films of all time.

Why should you watch Enthiran 2.0?

Enthiran 2.0 is not just a movie; it is an experience that will leave you awestruck and amazed. Here are some of the reasons why you should watch Enthiran 2.0:



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