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Download 3D Among Us and Join the Fun - Find and Host Online Games with Friends

How to Download 3D Among Us and Enjoy a New Perspective of the Game

Among Us is one of the most popular multiplayer games of the last few years, with millions of players enjoying its simple yet addictive gameplay of teamwork and betrayal. But what if you could play Among Us in a whole new way, with realistic 3D graphics, immersive VR experience, and new features? Well, thanks to some creative fans, you can!

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In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about 3D Among Us, a fan-made 3D version of Among Us that can be played in VRChat. We will also show you how to download and install it on your PC, how to play it with your friends or strangers online, and what are some other games like Among Us that you can try in VR or 3D. So, let's get started!

What is 3D Among Us?

3D Among Us is a fan-made project by a VR developer named Jar, who recreated the original Among Us map (The Skeld) in 3D using Unity and Blender. The project was inspired by the popularity of Among Us and the lack of VR support for it. Jar decided to make his own version of the game that can be played in VRChat, a social VR platform where you can create and explore various virtual worlds with other people.

3D Among Us is not an official game by Innersloth, the developers of Among Us, but rather a tribute to their work. It is also not affiliated with VRChat or any other VR platform. It is simply a fan-made mod that anyone can download and play for free.

What are the Features of 3D Among Us?

3D Among Us has many features that make it different from the original game. Here are some of them:

  • Graphics: The most obvious difference is the graphics. Instead of the cute 2D sprites of the original game, 3D Among Us has realistic 3D models of the crewmates and impostors, as well as the spaceship and its surroundings. The graphics are not very detailed or realistic, but they still create a more immersive atmosphere for the game.

  • Gameplay: The gameplay of 3D Among Us is similar to the original game, but with some changes. You can still play as either a crewmate or an impostor, complete tasks or sabotage them, report dead bodies or kill other players, and vote for the impostors or deceive others. However, there are some new elements that add more challenge and fun to the game. For example, you can use voice chat instead of text chat to communicate with other players (with proximity chat enabled), you can use motion controls to interact with objects and tasks (such as fixing wires or scanning your ID card), and you can use vents to move around the map (but only if you are an impostor).

  • Maps: Currently, 3D Among Us only has one map available: The Skeld. This is the original map from Among Us, where you have to explore different rooms such as Cafeteria, MedBay, Electrical, Reactor, etc. However, Jar plans to add more maps in the future, such as Mira HQ, Polus, and The Airship.

  • Tasks: The tasks in 3D Among Us are similar to the ones in the original game, but with some variations. For example, some tasks require you to use motion controls to complete them, such as swiping your card or aligning the engine. Some tasks are also more difficult or easier than in the original game, depending on the task and the map. For example, the wires task is easier in 3D Among Us because you can see the colors better, but the asteroids task is harder because you have to aim and shoot with your controller.

How to Download 3D Among Us?

If you want to try 3D Among Us for yourself, you will need a few things. First, you will need a PC that can run VRChat and a VR headset that is compatible with it. You can check the minimum and recommended system requirements for VRChat here. Second, you will need to download and install VRChat on your PC. You can do that from Steam or Oculus, depending on your VR headset. Third, you will need to download and install 3D Among Us on your PC. You can do that from Jar's website, where you can also find more information about the project and its updates.

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Here are the steps to download and install 3D Among Us:

  • Go to Jar's website and click on the "Download" button.

  • You will be redirected to a Google Drive folder where you can see two files: "3D Among" and "README.txt". Download both files to your PC.

  • Extract the zip file to a folder of your choice. You should see a folder named "3D Among Us" with several files inside.

  • Open the README.txt file and follow the instructions to install 3D Among Us. Basically, you will need to copy and paste some files to your VRChat folder, which is usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\VRChat.

  • Once you have installed 3D Among Us, you can launch VRChat and enjoy the game!

How to Play 3D Among Us?

Playing 3D Among Us is similar to playing the original game, but with some differences. Here are some tips on how to play 3D Among Us:

  • To join or create a game, you will need to go to The Skeld world in VRChat. You can find it by searching for "The Skeld" in the Worlds menu or by using this link. Once you are in The Skeld world, you will see a lobby area with a computer screen where you can join or create a game.

  • To customize your character, you will need to go to the mirror in the lobby area. You can change your color, hat, pet, and skin by using the buttons on the mirror. You can also change your name by using the keyboard on the table next to the mirror.

  • To interact with other players, you can use voice chat or gestures. Voice chat is enabled by default and it uses proximity chat, which means you can only hear and talk to players who are close to you. Gestures are activated by pressing different buttons on your controller, depending on your VR headset. You can use gestures to wave, point, nod, shake your head, etc.

  • To interact with objects and tasks, you can use motion controls or buttons on your controller. Motion controls allow you to grab, move, rotate, and press objects with your hands. Buttons allow you to interact with objects that have a green outline around them. For example, you can press a button to open doors, report dead bodies, call emergency meetings, vote for impostors, etc.

  • To use vents (if you are an impostor), you can press a button on your controller when you are near a vent that has a red outline around it. You will then enter the vent and be able to move between different vents by using the joystick or touchpad on your controller.

What are the Alternatives to 3D Among Us?

If you like 3D Among Us but want to try some other games like it in VR or 3D, here are some suggestions:


Pavlov VR is a multiplayer shooter game that has a game mode called "Trouble in Terrorist Town", which is similar to Among Us. In this mode, you have to find and eliminate the traitors among your team, or deceive and kill the innocents if you are a traitor. You can use various weapons, gadgets, and voice chat to play the game.

Unfortunate Spacemen is a multiplayer game that combines sci-fi, horror, and comedy. You play as a spaceman who has to survive and complete objectives on various space stations, while avoiding or fighting the shapeshifting monster that can disguise as anyone. You can use weapons, tools, and voice chat to play the game.

Deceit is a multiplayer game that tests your trust and deception skills. You play as one of six players who wake up in an asylum, where two of you are infected by a virus that turns you into bloodthirsty killers. You have to work together to escape, but also be careful of who you trust. You can use weapons, items, and voice chat to play the game.

VR The Diner Duo is a cooperative game that can be played in VR or 3D. You play as a chef and a waiter who have to serve customers in a diner. You have to communicate and coordinate with your partner to prepare and deliver the orders, while also dealing with various challenges and events. You can use motion controls, buttons, and voic


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