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Overlord Episode 8

In episode 8 of Overlord IV, the focus is back on political matters, with the Empire of Baharuth's supplication of a request to become a vassal state to the Sorcerer Kingdom has become a hot topic in the Kingdom of Re-Estize, as well as the Sorcerer Kingdom's delivery of aid rations to the Slane Theocracy through the kingdom.

Overlord Episode 8


The episode begins with a conversation between the Prince Zanac and Princess Renner of Re-Estize. Serving as exposition, as well as a human perspective of the state of affairs, the conversation highlights a central concept prevalent in this season of Overlord: the assumed unwavering brilliance of the mind of Ainz, and the inherent treachery of the undead. Despite mentioning some gracious and generous deeds of the Sorcerer Kingdom towards human groups, Zanac cannot see the Sorcerer Kingdom's actions as a ploy to improve their standing in the eyes of other nations, and eventually force other kingdoms into becoming vassal states like what they assume happened to Baharuth.

During Montserrat's conversation with other nobles from his faction, Barons Delvi and Rokerlen, he is made aware of the fact that the Sorcerer Kingdom is using a trade route running through Rokerlen's domain to deliver aid rations to the Theocracy. Montserrat wonders how a small country with only one city could possibly produce almost the same amount of food as Re-Estize itself, but Rokerlen brings his attention to the Sorcerer Kingdom's use of the undead to endlessly work a large area of farmland, which the humans find "creepy". Montserrat comes up with the idea to attack the carriages transporting the food to steal it for their own gain, but this foolish act becomes a matter of state importance, as word gets back to Ainz that a certain nobleman from Re-Estize ordered an attack on Sorcerer Kingdom-marked goods. One recurring joke in episode 8 of Overlord IV is the pure foolishness, the utter stupidity of Baron Montserrat's actions.

As it was set up in the earlier episodes of this season, Albedo is using Baron Montserrat for his lack of intelligence as a source of information and a major pivot point for her grand plans regarding the expansion of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Naturally, Montserrat has no idea he is being used by both Albedo and his backer, Hilma Cygnaeus. Albedo and Montserrat have been exchanging letters since their meeting, and Montserrat feels proud of his connection to the Prime Minister of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Unfortunately for Albedo, her "foolish noble" turns out to be even more of a fool than she calculated, as he hatches a ploy together with two other nobles to steal the food travelling through Re-Estize to the Slane Theocracy. The consequences of the plan are discovered by Albedo about four days later, as she works through heaps of paperwork, she comes across a file regarding the problems encountered while attempting to deliver food to the Theocracy.

Part of the humor in this episode, and many others before it is the Floor Guardians' unwavering belief in their lord's incredible mental prowess, and since Ainz believes someone can be as foolish as Montserrat has been, then surely such foolishness is possible. Despite the unexpected developments, their original plan remains viable, and the Floor Guardians decide to leave it as is, following the discussion with ideas on what to do in response to Montserrat's disrespect. Demiurge remembers Ainz's carrot and stick plan, and assumes that his master's plan all along has been to apply the concept on an international level. A plan is enacted to reward Baharuth for its conduct, and to punish the Kingdom, so an official communiqué is made to Re-Estize from the Sorcerer Kingdom co-signed by the Baharuth Empire, the Dwarf Kingdom, the Dragon Kingdom, the Theocracy and the Faceless.

Other than that, the episode is entirely story-driven, as each event causes a chain reaction. There are a few funny moments as well, and it's hilarious to witness Ainz Ooal Gown react to them in his head. The Sorcerer King and his subjects are yet again on different wavelengths, and it's just fascinating to see how drastically things change in the anime.

Have not been a huge fan of Ainz is since the beginning, but this episode made me straight up HATE him and the others. Really wish someone would come and beat the shit out of Ainz and all his arrogant snide comrades. Really take them all down a peg. Seriously why are we suppose to cheer for him ? I say fuck Ainz and his pals.

Have not been a huge fan of Ainz is since the beginning, but this episode made me straight up HATE him and the others. Really wish someone would come and beat the shit out of Ainz and all his arrogant snide comrades. Really take them all down a peg. Seriously why are we suppose to cheer for him ? I say fuck Ainz and his pals.

There's nothing all that brutal about what we're actually shown in the episode; in terms of graphic violence, this episode is pretty tame. One character was even done in with plenty of sorrow and fear but a minimum of suffering. The fate that awaits the one surviving adventurer at the end isn't pretty, but once again, it's insinuated rather than shown.

However, that doesn't stop this from being an especially chilling episode. We all knew that Foresight had no hope of standing up to Ains, but I actually thought they might be able to talk their way out of the situation, especially given that Ains was holding back against them. Alas, their appeal to his adventuring side couldn't get past how pissed off he was at the invaders. So Foresight gets systematically taken apart, with the final blow being Shalltear chasing down the mage who fled at her companions' behest. The big gut-punch comes afterward, however, when Ains shows how he honors the dead by making use of all of the mage's remains, including her voice. By comparison, her twin younger siblings innocently waiting for a big sis who will never come back didn't carry as much impact. I find giving backgrounds to characters right before they're killed off to be a cheap ploy, which rarely works to engender sympathy for the tertiary character about to be slaughtered, but this was one of the most effective uses of that device that I've seen in a long time. Kudos to the gentle use of musical score in places throughout that scene, which may have been the key to making it work.

But the more immediate question I have is why Ains was dressed in a stripped-down playboy form, and especially why he was stylishly sporting what looked like a slave collar. Where did that come from? Otherwise this was another one of the series' strongest episodes to date.

Anime episodes usually release s short preview video for the next episode at the end of each episode. These videos are soon made available online, and as soon as they appear, we are going to give you the preview trailers with the spoilers in this article. At this moment, the preview trailer has still not been released online.

Further, into the episode, we learned that the Ainz soldiers were almost successful in pushing back the Quangoas. However, one member managed to sneak past them and reported the incident to Pe Riyuro.

Even though this episode is rushed, the animosity of fans is as high as ever. They rejoiced that this anime would finally be getting a climax. Judging from the previous season of Overlord, there will be an epic last battle that will go for an entire episode. 041b061a72


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