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Stoned Yoga

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Bob Ray Initiation Of A Mystic Rar

Miracle Legion, like Polaris after them, spun sugar-sweet melodies tinged with reckless, youthful abandon and married them with lyrics of deep wonder and longing--the sonic equivalent of a last, wistful summer with a partner or a fun if emotionally panged, idle flip through an old yearbook. With Mulcahy gamely playing the role of mystic frontman--punctuating his lyrics with unpredictable onstage jigs or blasts of harmonica while singing in a clear tone that time has not aged--and co-pilot Neal precisely picking his way through the gorgeous melodies he often co-wrote, I've found Miracle Legion shows to be a transformative experience, and will mourn their end (though not without the enjoyment of a live album, Annulment, culled in part from the Bell House show I was lucky to witness).

Bob Ray Initiation Of A Mystic Rar

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