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Nathan Clark

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"I, uh, well," Paul stammered, looking up to see a big SUV next to them, an older gentleman in the driver's seat staring down at her in shock, a teenage boy in the back who's eyes were practically popping out of their sockets. "OK, ok, just get dressed, sheesh."

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Sadly, in these screwy times, it's rare to find a contemporary female writer who dares to suggest that feminism is a perfectly reasonable response to the current cultural "Girls Gone Wild" madness -- and rarer still to find one who actually has a sense of humor about the whole thing. In discussing her "tortured soul sister" Monica Lewinsky or why the bars of L.A. are filled with skinny blond teenagers with flat-ironed hair, Soloway demonstrates that it is possible to speak out against the madness, even while discussing the joys of cop bars. Or, as Soloway puts it, "I wanted to prove that women could rule the world, yet I refused to stop watching Miss America."

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