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Where To Buy Used Furniture Nyc

The best place to buy and sell used furniture in New York City is Chairish. It claims to be the best place for people who love design to buy and sell used pieces of their choosing. Chairish prescreens items to make sure only the best makes it onto the site.

where to buy used furniture nyc

If you want to buy on AptDeco, scan the listing on their website. They offer both new and used furniture options for interested parties. If the item arrives and some damages were unspecified, they need to report these to AptDeco within 24 hours of purchase for a partial refund on the product.

Etsy is one of the classic locations to buy and sell furniture. This website is not just a used furniture site - you can sell crafts, clothes, and everything in between. Used furniture fits right in with the mix, especially if your pieces are eclectic and artsy.

There are tens of thousands of people in NYC now who can barely afford living. They need furniture, but they cannot afford it. You, having excess furniture that needs to be disposed of, can help by donating furniture.

Another great way to get rid of furniture is to simply reuse it. Used furniture and unwanted furniture can become something fantastic when you transform old cabinets into a kitchen island, or an old set of end tables into an entertainment stand. There are tons of different housing works websites you can visit for tips and tricks to reuse your existing furniture by transforming it into something brand new. Turning your old furniture into new pieces of furniture is also something fun you can do with your kids.

When you are done repurposing furniture, you might still have a lot of scrap left that needs to be thrown out. These may not be recyclable items, so be sure to check out an updated sanitation site to find out what to do with it.

AptDeco is a new used furniture platform based in New York City that takes much of the hassle out of buying large items secondhand: It sets up insured delivery (currently available in the five boroughs of NYC) and handle the payment. Its curated collection of used furniture is also much easier to wade through than Craigslist. Check it out here.

1st Dibs is one of the top online marketplaces for high-end vintage and antique furniture, jewelry, and fashion. The price points are usually high, but if you're looking for a replica of Marie Antoinette's chartreuse velvet settee, this is the place to go. Visit here.

In addition to Mason jar cocktail shakers and Game of Thrones embroidery samplers, Etsy is also a great place to buy used and vintage furniture. There's a lot to wade through, but using the price, color, and ship-to filters can also help narrow it down. Get started here.

Lushpad is an online marketplace for authentic modern furniture. Shops or individual sellers can sell licensed and approved modern and mid-century modern furniture. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Lushpad currently operates in North America but is planning to expand. Visit here.

FleaPop is an online market for both used and new furniture. Sellers can create "shops" for free, similar to Etsy, and FleaPop charges a 6% commission. Buyers can shop by item, location or style and payment is taken through the website with Paypal. Get poppin' here.

Currently operating in the Bay Area and Raleigh-Durham (with plans to expand), Move Loot is a startup that serves as a used furniture warehouse and marketplace. To set themselves apart for buyers, Move Loot actually picks up the items that are approved for sale and holds them until they sell at a warehouse for up to 60 days. After that, sellers can either pay to have the item returned or donate to a local charity. Items are reduced 40% after 30 days and buyers have the option of offering a lower price at any time that the seller must approve. Check out the site here.

There still might be a chill in the air in New York City, but before long, springtime will be here. As the weather changes with new blooms, spring cleaning comes with the wish of a fresh change for the decor. Whether seeking to decorate on a budget, adore antiques, want the appeal of a vintage look or seek to help the carbon footprint by being green, used furniture can be a great option for decor. New York City is filled with an abundance of choices when in search of beautiful pre-owned furnishings. Enjoy hunting through interesting furnishings to discover truly unique pieces.

Vintage is what Yesterday's News is all about. Take a step into the store to delight in discoveries from simpler times. The collection of mid-century modern and industrial-influenced furniture is in constant change as people purchase items and fresh finds are placed in the store. Find a piece to use in every room with an assortment of chairs, dining tables, living room tables and dressers. Vintage desks, bookcases and file cabinets are ready to adorn a home office. Finish off the decor with some unique vintage accessories finds in the store as well.

With a humorous name and a quaint little space, White Trash is filled with wonderful finds at reasonable prices. Mid 20th century furnishing from the 1940s through the 1970s are this store's specialty. Have fun shopping this store every week for new and exciting finds as the inventory is sold and new vintage pieces are brought in. While sifting through the furniture, check out the cool objects of art work and accessories to finish off a new cool look for the decor.

This continuous movement of people means that you will find a lot of people who would be looking for furniture for their new apartments, or those who might want to sell their current furniture pieces because they are upgrading to better ones or they are moving out of the city.

Chairish is all about extending the life of vintage furniture and encouraging green shopping. This website is the destination for beautiful art and furnishings and it is patronized by tastemakers, interior designers, and many individuals.

Etsy is a fun-loving global marketplace where you can find creative and unique secondhand furniture items. You will find a combination of vintage treasures to unique handcrafted furniture pieces among other things.

This website is a useful platform that connects a lot of sellers with millions of consumers who are looking for secondhand furniture that is unique with a human touch. As a seller, this website will empower you to sell what you love, and it helps buyers to get what they love.

AptDeco is an online marketplace that eliminates all the hassles involved with selling and buying furniture. This platform was started to address all the frustration, awkward encounters, delivery hassles, and scams that were associated with shopping for furniture online.

This website has made it less difficult for buyers and sellers to connect and benefit from each other. They also believe in a sustainable environment, and their platform is a way to recycle furniture items that are still useful and save them from ending up in landfills.

While Craiglist might be known as an advertisement website for a lot of things like housing, jobs, community services, and for sale items, it is also one of the best and safest places to buy secondhand furniture items.

If you are selling your pre-owned furniture, you do not have to stress about looking for buyers. They do all the necessary work to get buyers and make sure that you get the best value out of your sold furniture items.

Offerup is the best website for those who have ended up with more furniture items than they need, and also for those who need to fill up their spaces. It is a marketplace where sellers and buyers can get value out of pre-owned furniture items.

The list of things sold on this website is vast starting from furniture, farm & livestock, cars, books, electronics, etc. Although there are a lot of things sold on this website, the search process is straightforward.

eBid works almost like eBay, it is an online auction site where buyers and sellers meet to carry out transactions of different items. This website ranks among the top 5 auction sites online, with daily traffic of more than 60,000 visitors.

If your furniture is in particularly good condition, AptDeco may be an excellent site to use. You can list your furniture for free in just a couple of minutes and get connected with prospective buyers.

Selling used furniture online can be a lucrative side hustle. If you are looking to increase your volume and make more cash, taking courses and learning from others can really pay off. Here are some courses we recommend:

Remember the good old days when you could visit a few neighborhood garage sales on Saturday morning and score a treasure or two without damaging your budget? Today, the bargains are still out there, but who knows what you might bring home hidden inside that gently used bedside table. From movie theaters to upscale hotels, bed bugs are everywhere. If you believe the news reports -- and you probably should -- we're living through a bed bug invasion.

Bed bugs can hide in narrow cracks and seams. They're tough to spot and even tougher to get rid of once you bring them home. It's hard enough to check for bed bugs in items that seem relatively clean and safe, so avoid scavenging furniture finds from iffy sources like Dumpsters and alleys. This may sound like a no brainer, but every week you'll hear some home improvement maven on television bragging about a spectacular home décor item she found abandoned somewhere. For the time being, if an object looks destined for the city dump -- leave it alone. 041b061a72


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