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Where To Buy Cremation Jewelry

Hold your loved one close to your heart with unique cremation jewelry for ashes from We have many different designs including hearts, wildlife, nature, and filigrees. Our breathtaking memorial jewelry is made from several materials, including stainless steel, crystal, 14k solid gold cremation jewelry, silver, wood, or glass cremation jewelry. Choose from some of our unique collections. You can even order custom cremation jewelry from us.

where to buy cremation jewelry

And we keep on adding unique cremation jewelry twice a year, with new designs, new manufacturers that have that sense of love and closeness when they design and manufacture the cremation pendants, bracelets, necklaces for ashes, etc.

One of the collections displays cremation beads that will go on a bracelet and you may add more to the bracelet and have several of these with remains of your loved ones close to you and your heart. These are unique cremation jewelry available at

Close by me jewelry offers a subtle and unique memorial allowing you to remember your loved one always. Each piece of cremation jewelry is hand-crafted, containing solidified ashes within wearable jewelry. Unlike traditional cremation jewelry, close by me jewelry allows for the ashes and jewelry to become one beautiful piece anyone would love to wear.

Each lovely memorial creation contains a small amount of cremation ash (about half a teaspoon) from your loved one. We can use cremation ash from people and pets in all our memorial glass art and cremation ash jewelry.

To order, simply add to cart and check out. We'll send you a collection kit for the cremation ash within seven business days. Once the kit is returned, we'll ship your Spirit Piece in about 6 weeks unless otherwise specified.

People wore memento mori rings to honor their loved ones who passed, and these rings commonly had engraved names, dates, and more as a tribute. In the Victorian era, a new wave of mourning fashion took hold of society. It was common to wear mourning clothing, jewelry, and even locks of hair belonging to deceased relatives.

Vial urns come in a variety of metals, materials, and sizes. They can be discreet or more noticeable depending on the particular style. This is the most commonly recognized type of cremation jewelry since it resembles a traditional urn. Jewelry Keepsakes offers a variety of vial urns in all styles and materials.

At the end of the day, it comes down to your comfort. Grief takes many forms, and what feels right to you might not feel right to someone else. Trusting your gut and your intuition is the best way to find the right cremation jewelry.

Whether you decide on a cremation locket or memorial diamond, know that your loved one is with you during this process. Having something physical to symbolize your love is very meaningful. Legacy comes in so many shapes and sizes. How do you honor those you love?

Our services include an Eternal Tribute webpage where your loved one's story can be shared. A slide show of your favorite photos, music, and endless space for memories and photo albums can be uploaded to your loved one's very own webpage. No additional fees are required to keep your Eternal Tribute visible to visitors and it will never expire.

At Fine+Flux we create cremation jewelry by incorporating the ashes of a loved one or pet, inside of a necklace, ring or bracelet. A beautiful & discrete way to commemorate them and keep them with you always. Here we have a selection of ready to order designs, however we also offer personalized jewels upon request.

Some local jewelry stores might also have options on hand that you can look over and decide between. They may also have books that you can look through and that can help you to choose something fitting to order. Their expertise can help you to find something quality that is fitting to you and your loved one.

Online stores have unlimited options available to you for cremation jewelry pieces. You are going to want to ensure you are buying something from a quality vendor, but otherwise, you should be able to find anything you might want online. You can always talk to the cremation provider and see if they have advice as to where you can go for the right pieces.

Within our online store is a wide selection of affordable cremation jewelry and memorial keepsakes for both men and women. Built from high-quality and durable materials, each piece of our memorial jewelry is made to last and ensure you always feel a special connection with your loved one. Whether you are interested in keeping a lock of their hair, a flower petal, some of their cremated remains or even have their fingerprint digitally engraved on a pendant; we offer a product to meet your needs.

Our products are available in stainless steel, silver, gold, glass, brass, ceramic and wood materials at the most affordable prices available. If you are looking for the perfect place to save a small memento and bring memories to a more personal level; our cremation jewelry does just that.

We offer very unique memorial jewelry options. For example, we have cremation ash jewelry can be filled with a small amount of your loved one's ashes as well as fingerprint jewelry for those who would prefer to wear something with their loved one's fingerprint displayed on it.

Celebrate the life of a loved one with our unique handcrafted glass memorials. Glass cremation jewelry keepsakes are the perfect way to keep someone close to your heart. Each keepsake is individually handcrafted with care and respect by Grateful Glass founder Matthew Olian. A small amount of cremation ashes is suspended within glass to create a heirloom quality memorial that will be cherished forever.

Grateful Glass offers a variety of glass cremation jewelry to fit your personal preference. We offer a variety of cremation pendants, rings, bracelets, and more... Our unique encasement process allows the beauty of the ashes to be the visual focal point and centerpiece of our designs. Please take some time to explore our cremation glass jewelry options.

The cremation chamber where the body is placed for cremation is usually only large enough to hold one container with a single body at a time. Identification tags follow the body through the entire cremation process so you can be sure the ashes you receive is your loved one.

Cremated remains will usually be provided in an urn provided or chosen by the family. If an urn has not yet been chosen by the time the cremation has been performed, the funeral home or crematory will place the ashes within a plastic bag placed into a temporary container such as a cardboard box.

If you find it too uncomfortable or distressing to transfer the cremated remains of your loved one into their cremation urn, you can always contact the funeral home or crematory who performed the cremation. Often this is included in the general process and they will take care of the transfer if the urn is provided before the cremation is complete. Otherwise, they may charge a nominal fee for the service.

While searching for the ideal urn for your loved one, prices may seem daunting and even change your mind. With cremation urns though, the amount you invest directly determines the quality of the urn you receive. This comes back to the raw materials used in manufacturing- the cheaper a cremation urn is, the cheaper the raw materials used to construct it.

We have thoughtfully put together a collection of cremation urn products keeping in mind different needs of families by providing unique and memorable solutions for their loved ones. If the family wishes to keep the ashes at home to memorialize their loved one, they can choose the most popular metal urns for ashes in different shapes and designs. Families that prefer the warm look of wood can opt for wood cremation urns for ashes and those looking for something modern and unique have a choice to opt for marble cremation urns for ashes. If a family wishes to scatter ashes, they can choose a scattering urn for ashes. We also have a wide variety of biodegradable urns for ashes for families that wish to bury the ashes in the ground or float them off in water.

Apart from traditional cremation solutions, we also offer sterling silver cremation jewelry for ashes for families that wish to wear a small amount of ashes of their loved as a memorial. Many of our cremation jewelry for ashes comes in pendants and beads. We also have a wide variety of mini urns, tokens and keepsakes for ashes for families that wishes to distribute a small amount of ashes of the loved one among family members.

We make sure that all the cremation products we offer are made from the highest quality materials. We also pride ourselves for providing cremation products that have the most unique designs, colors and themes to cater to different styles. We carefully choose our manufacturers to make sure they follow the highest quality standards.

At GetUrns, it is our goal to help our customers in anyway possible during their time of loss. We have a well-trained staff ready to handle all kinds of requests from our customers. We love to help our customers choose the best cremation urns to memorialize their loved ones.

We reserve the right, but are not obligated, to limit the sales of our products or Services to any person, geographic region or jurisdiction. We may exercise this right on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to limit the quantities of any products or services that we offer. All descriptions of products or product pricing are subject to change at anytime without notice, at the sole discretion of us. We reserve the right to discontinue any product at any time. Any offer for any product or service made on this site is void where prohibited.

These Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of 9340 Pinecone Drive, Mentor, OH, 44060, United States. 041b061a72


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