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Nathan Clark

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 23: A Song You Think Everybody Should Listen To

The 30-day song challenge from Instagram provides a calendar like format, and for each of 30 days, there is a description of a song that, for example, reminds you of a summer day, or a song with a color in its name and you would post the song on your story. This is a good way for someone to spend time and listen to music.

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 23: A song you think everybody should listen to

On the first day of the month, we kicked off a 30-Day Song Challenge (plus one, for the extra day in May), to help us keep track of the days while we stayed home, and it looked as if we would need the help to keep one day from blurring into the next. Now, as the month ends, the days proved memorable in ways we hadn't imagined at the start. For those who joined us along the way and offered your own selections, thank you. Hope you enjoyed. You can listen to all 31 songs in one playlist here.


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