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Do Without Book PR at Your Own Risk

PR and publicity remain the most effective ways to promote a book. Outreach typically includes legacy media and well-respected online outlets. If you've been researching how to market a book, the best advice to follow will emphasize PR. Unless you're a world-famous novelist with a following in the millions, trying to buy ads to promote a book is rarely cost-effective. Millions of books are in print, each with a specific audience. The chances of paid media reaching those target readers and convincing them to buy or download copies with the frequency of ads you can afford is remote.

Writers who self-publish their work are wise to follow the lead of traditional publishers who go with publicity instead. The release of your book is a newsworthy event for the media interested in your story or subject. Also, earning media coverage adds to your stature – people value the media they consume, and seeing you included makes a favorable impression. The other option is contributing content to the media as a guest writer. You'll receive a short bio at the end, an excellent place to mention your book. It also may establish you as a media contributor with more future opportunities.

All of the above brings us to the question of whether or not to work with a publicist. If your budget allows it, the answer is generally yes. Trying to handle your book's PR DIY means learning all the lessons of a first-timer. While it may be informational, it will consume your time and deny your book the marketing advantage of a seasoned publicist's contribution. For example, having media contacts and knowing what works best with each one is a time saver. Some respond to phone calls, others prefer email, etc. They are all things you'd need to learn by trial and error if making the outreach yourself.

Planning also helps ensure a book PR campaign is effective. Creating a timeline of activities to support your book's launch and developing "key messages" also matters. Plans help keep you on track with those needs and make the process more organized. If you like spontaneity, there's always time to adjust and fine-tune as you go along – especially once you see what works the best. Every book and author is unique and must be reflected in your PR program. It requires the right mix of tactics and messages to reach your target readers. Once you do have their attention, you need to persuade them.


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